Reduce over-incarceration

Prison is not the only option available when protecting victims and addressing criminal behavior. As a prosecutor with experience in diversion programs, Amy knows that in order to rehabilitate offenders, alternatives to prison sentences are sometimes more effective in treating those with mental health and substance abuse issues and can ensure better outcomes for both victims and communities.


Alternatives to incarceration

Diversion and restorative justice programs have proven to be effective in rehabilitation of offenders and helping them get back on the right track. Amy will ensure that the needs of victims are met and that offenders receive the counseling and treatment they need to keep them from reoffending. By expanding diversion programs for first-time offenders, offenders who need mental health or drug and alcohol treatment, veterans, and juveniles, Amy will ensure that our streets are safer and that offenders will have the opportunity to receive the help they need to become contributing members of our community. We can stop the revolving door in our prisons and the school to prison pipeline, and Amy will use all resources available to ensure that justice is done and rehabilitation is effective.

Fair and equal treatment for immigrants

It is not the job of the District Attorney or local law enforcement to do ICE’s job for them. As District Attorney, Amy will ensure that all offenders, regardless of immigration status, are treated fairly in the judicial system. By making sure that ICE’s actions are separate from the District Attorney’s office, we can make sure that all people, regardless of where they were born, feel safe calling the police and in our courthouses. Being a victim of a crime or a testifying witness should not make anyone fear deportation, and Amy will make sure that everyone is safe to come forward about crimes they have experienced or witnessed.

End private prisons

The District Attorney works to fairly enforce the laws, get justice for victims, and rehabilitate offenders. When incarceration becomes a for-profit industry, these goals are not accomplished by our criminal justice system. Amy knows that for-profit incarceration has no place in our judicial system and will fight to end the use of private prisons in Colorado.