current and former elected OFFICIALS


Ken Salazar

Former Secretary of Interior, former U.S. Senator, former Colorado Attorney General

“As your former U.S. Senator and as Colorado Attorney General, I understand the importance of the role of District Attorney in keeping our communities safe and ensuring that our criminal justice system is fair and impartial. I have known Amy Padden for many years and witnessed her commitment to public service. Her service in leadership positions in the U.S. Attorney's Office under the Obama Administration, including serving as the third in command in the office, combined with her service as a state prosecutor, both as a consumer protection prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office and now as a Deputy District Attorney, make her uniquely qualified to lead the District Attorney's Office for the largest Judicial District in the State.

In 2018, I saw first-hand how hard Amy worked to make sure that great candidates got elected at the local, state, and federal level. I know that she will work just as hard for the people in the 18th Judicial District and bring much needed new leadership, fresh ideas, and changes to that office.”

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Dave Young

State Treasurer


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Henry Solano

District Attorney in the Third Judicial District (Huerfano and Las Animas Counties), former U.S. Attorney for Colorado

"Amy Padden will make an excellent District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District, and I am proud to endorse her. I have known Amy for years, and she is a dedicated public servant, having shown an unwavering commitment to public safety and ensuring our civil rights. Amy demonstrated that commitment when, as a prosecutor in the Special Prosecutions Unit of the Attorney General’s Office, she volunteered to take on felony cases in the rural communities, including serving as lead counsel for a homicide case in my District. Amy provided excellent representation to the victims and residents of my District, and I am confident that she will do the same in representing all of the communities within the 18th Judicial District.”

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Gail Schoettler

Former State Treasurer, former Lt. Governor

“Amy Padden is the leader we need to be our next District Attorney. She has all the experience and skills a strong DA needs. She’s spent her career working for the safety of all of us and for much-needed criminal justice reform. I hope you will support her as enthusiastically as I do.”


Joe Salazar

Former State Representative, former Candidate for Colorado Attorney General


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Meg Froelich

State Representative, House District 3


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Karen Middleton

Former State Representative, former State School Board member

“I enthusiastically endorse Amy Padden for the next District Attorney. As a 21-year resident of Aurora, a longtime community activist, and a former elected official in Arapahoe County, I know we need fresh leadership in the 18th Judicial District. We live in a diverse community with complex issues and challenges. Amy is uniquely qualified to evaluate our performance and take our legal system in a new direction. Amy has the commitment and ability to stop the serious prosecutorial overreach that we’ve seen in this District, by drawing on her experience in setting up diversion programs, addressing mental health issues within the criminal justice system, and working on wide-ranging prison reform. Her years of leadership experience, which she developed under Democratic elected and appointed officials, will make our community safer, while addressing systemic problems in our criminal justice system. Amy is the best candidate to take back the 18th in 2020.”


Kevin Cox

Aurora Public School Board

"I'm endorsing Amy because it's time for new leadership in our District Attorney's Office. We need a strong District Attorney who is smart on crime and committed to making our schools safer."

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Dafna Michaelson Jenet

State Representative

“I'm endorsing Amy because I know that she will be a champion of juvenile justice reform. Amy has the right experience to lead the 18th Judicial District in a new direction.”

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Su Ryden

Former State Representative



Lesley Smith, CU Regent at Large

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Bruce Brown, District Attorney, Fifth Judicial District

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Rebecca McClellan, State School Board member for Congressional District 6, former Centennial Mayor Pro Tem, former Centennial City Council member.


Faith Winter, State Senator, Senate District 24

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Julie Gonzales, State Senator, Senate District 34

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Shannon Bird, State Representative

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Lisa Cutter, State Representative

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P.K. Kaiser, Arapahoe County Assessor