Community Saftey

Amy will keep our communities safe by ensuring violent crimes are prosecuted and violent criminals are off our streets.


Target VIOLENT crimes

Violent crimes make everyone less safe. We need a District Attorney who understands that our priorities must be to target these offenders and ensure they will not harm our community again. By shifting the office’s resources to focus on violent crime, Amy will ensure that those who commit violent crimes receive full and proper consequences for their actions.

Keep guns out of the hands of THE WRONG PEOPLE

People convicted of violent crimes and domestic violence lose their right to have access to guns. Amy supports responsible firearm ownership and will ensure that anyone who breaks our laws regarding gun ownership will face harsh penalties. Making sure that violent felons and domestic abusers do not have access to guns will make our streets safer, protect victims, and reduce violent crime.

Respect and protect victims

As District Attorney, Amy will make sure that victims are at the core of decisions about sentencing, that they have access to crucial resources to recover from the harm inflicted, and that maintaining their safety and security is a priority for the office. Expanding victim and witness protection services, and prioritizing resources for those recovering from the impacts of violent crimes, are critical to ensuring justice is truly done in each case.